Award Winning

Ciccarelli Ice Cream Parlour

If you still have room for dessert after your fish and chips, then why not try our award-winning gelato?

You have a vast array of delicious flavours to choose from at our Ciccarelli Ice Cream Parlour which is situated within Coastline Fish and Chip restaurant.

In addition to our artisan gelato there are also a wide selection of refreshing sorbet to choose from, which are all made fresh on the premises every day. Once you have had enough to eat, you can always sit back and relax with an authentic Italian Coffee!

Ciccarelli Ice Cream Parlour opened at the same time as Coastline Fish and Chips and just like our food restaurant it’s also had several makeovers over the years! We continue to push the boundaries when it comes to creating new flavours but still offer the old classics like vanilla, mint chocolate chip and nut varieties.

Just as people travel from across the country for our fish and chips, the same can be said for our ice cream. We believe the reason our gelato is so popular is because it is made with passion using the highest-quality, locally sourced milk and the finest ingredients.

Ciccarelli Vanilla Gelato: Officially Best In UK

Our Ciccarelli Vanilla Gelato was voted the best in the UK at the National Ice Cream Championships in 2022. Our Vanilla scooped the gold medal and trophy as it came out in top in the most challenging category – the one everybody wants to win!