All cod and haddock enjoyed by our customers are from Icelandic waters – a rich and abundant marine environment. Iceland’s fishing industry hasn’t always been in such enviable shape, however, as prior to the 1990’s Icelandic fish stocks were being depleted at an unsustainable rate.

The response from the Icelandic government was to introduce The Fisheries Act in 1990 which was a catalyst for wholesale change within the industry. This has led to Iceland now boasting one of the most sustainable and well-managed fisheries in the world.

Cod (pictured) and haddock have a similar diet, mostly feeding on small fish and crustaceans. The flesh of cod is whiter in appearance, and they have a milder flavour. Cod and haddock are excellent sources of lean protein, containing less fat than meat, and also providing a healthy amount of omega-3.

Once onboard the vessel, our fish are cleaned, skinned and boned, which means they arrive to us in pristine condition. We like to know everything about the fish our customers are going to eat and could even tell you the name of the boat they are landed on! This attention to detail ensures you only get the highest-grade fish when you visit Coastline.

I suppose the next part is up to us! Our cod and haddock fillets are dusted in flour before being covered in batter and cooked until crisp and golden. Served the traditional way with chips and mushy peas and there you have it, the nation’s favourite dish!

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